Join Us?

Three top reasons why you should join us:

Innovation truly starts with connection. Connection happens fast in person. Think about opportunities to come here, meet in person, the caliber of movers and shakers that make things really happen in the AI world. You will meet here in person the senior vice president of the global corporations. You will meet C-level executives from medium size and start up companies. You will meet decision makers from universities and from national research agencies and labs. You will see world class researchers and students. Think about the opportunities to access these diverse thinking, to drive the next generation of intelligent software, to save your company’s R & D money, and to enable and improve your company’s bottom line.

When you come here, you will be able to fully validate this information ideas. This is truly a two-way learning. You see you can read on your own our research online, you can analyze online as much as you want, but you cannot push it back, you cannot challenge it, you can not make it better. When you come here in person, bring your best thinking, you will truly influence the direction which we’re going as a center.

The third reason that you want to join this in person is because you can validate the feasibility of the research center. You can look at and analyze the hard data. You can look at the best practices, you can see for yourself how this university industry collaboration truly produce excellent results., excellent research quality that has a lot of demands and value for the industry.