Peer Reviews

Weekly seminars during each term


This program will bring together senior and junior faculty members of the center to facilitate peer reviews of proposals and ideas that are selected by the brainstorming meetings/program. 



Establish a timeline for proposals to be reviewed internally


Facilitate reviews of OUAI proposals prior to submissions, by selecting internal and external reviewers


Organize informal discussion meetings about the proposals

committee members

Bruce Maxim

Professor, CIS, CECS

Hafiz Malik

Associate Professor, ECE, CECS

Luis E. Ortiz

Associate Professor, CIS

Marouane Kessentini

DAIR Founding Director, Associate Professor , CIS, CECS

Paul Watta

Associate Professor, ECE

Samir Rawashdeh

Assistant Professor, ECE, CECS

Wencong Su

Associate Professor, ECE, CECS