Annual AI Symposium

Annual event, every spring semester during the last week of April


DAIR will organize an annual AI symposium where faculty, students and practitioners will participate in research talks, hands-on tutorials, posters, demos, and plenty of networking opportunities. The symposium aims to bring together participants from both academia and industry who are interested in the foundations or real-world applications of artificial intelligence.



Bring together and connecting our UM-Dearborn faculty and students with world-renowned AI academics and industry leaders


Familiarize the campus’s faculty and students with the latest advances in AI.


Facilitate new connections between DAIR faculties and external experts to explore new opportunities for collaboration


Investigate the practicality of the AI in real applications when AI acts as a teammate for human decision making processes.


Bring awareness to AI practitioners on the importance of designing trustable/transparent/explainable AI tools in complicated high-stakes real-world applications.

committee members

Bill Grosky

Professor, CIS, CECS

Birhanu Eshete

Assistant Professor, CIS, CECS

Bruce Maxim

Professor, CIS, CECS

Luis E. Ortiz

Associate Professor, CIS

Marouane Kessentini

DAIR Founding Director, Associate Professor , CIS, CECS

Wencong Su

Associate Professor, ECE, CECS

November 5 - 6, 2020

1st Dearborn ai symposium

The DAIS’20 Symposium will focus on sharing lessons from leading experts and executives on AI from industry and academia based on hands-on tutorials, case study presentations, keynotes, and executives panel