AI Seminars, Reading Groups and Panels

Weekly seminars during each term


This program plans and executes weekly seminars for both students and faculty to share their knowledge and experience in AI. PhD students can participate in reading meetings to share their knowledge in an AI area of expertise and also learn about other student’s research on how, what and why they deployed a specific AI technique. Faculty members can share their successful grant experiences with other faculties and learn from each other’s experiences. This program will also organize a monthly seminar for distinguished AI speakers from both academia and industry.



Organize reading group meetings about relevant AI topics: Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, NLP, etc. In each meeting, a group of faculty/PhD students will share in 15 minutes why/what/how they adopted particular techniques for their problems and may prepare one slide for provocative/controversial discussions.


Organize 2 panels (one per term) by our faculty about general topics for our Ph.D. students


Organize a distinguished speakers seminar, inviting those who received large funded projects to share their experience


Organize a student seminar, mainly for dry-runs of research conference presentations

committee members

Bill Grosky

Professor, CIS, CECS

Bochen Jia

Associate Professor, IMSE

Luis E. Ortiz

Associate Professor, CIS

Shan Bao

Associate Professor, IMSE

Marouane Kessentini

DAIR Founding Director, Associate Professor , CIS, CECS

Wencong Su

Associate Professor, ECE, CECS